The University of Texas at El Paso’s commitment to become a national research university with a 21st century student demographic has led to an increased number of campus events in support of these goals.  This has created an opportunity for the Office of University Relations to develop a professional team of event planners who provide a critical resource to the University, its faculty, students, staff, donors, alumni, and members of the community by providing efficient and effective logistical support.  The role of the office in support of these endeavors is to create a fertile environment that enables the institution to prosper.

University Events include campus activities which are grouped into three categories: 

1. Annual and strategic events hosted by the President’s Office, such as Convocations, Commencements, and Building Dedications;

2. One-time events hosted by various UTEP departments; and

3. Events hosted on the campus for external groups. 

This entails providing the necessary planning and logistical support to ensure that all events measure up to the level of success consistent with the mission of the University.  For one-time events hosted by external groups, University Events has the added responsibility of assessing the resources that will be devoted to the event, and the role the Office of University Relations will perform. 

The Office of University Relations is committed to work in partnership with external public and private agencies, institutions, and organizations, including business and industry, to improve the quality of life in our region and world by providing appropriate University expertise and leadership.  Our office has become the repository of event expertise for the University.  As such, the processes for managing events has become more consistent, uniform, and event outcomes are assessed by attendees and organizers as successful in supporting the UTEP mission.  Positive experiences by those served by the events have encouraged internal and external groups to return, and campus departments to use this University resource for their own benefit.