The Office of University Relations (UR) interacts with the Greater El Paso community to create more opportunities for the advancement of the University. Primary activities include the planning and management of University events and conferences. Additionally, the office directs marketing and promotional activities that enhance the image of UTEP, assists in the recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students, and attracts more attendance at University sponsored events. The Office also extends UTEP’s resources to the community in exchange for community support creating opportunities for future donations and positive public relations.

University Relations Vision: The Office of University Relations, as a center of expertise in promotions, events, and conference services, commits itself to providing the leadership, resources and services to increase awareness, build strategic partnerships, create opportunities and foster educational excellence for The University of Texas at El Paso and its constituents. Through the accomplishment of its mission, and goals via increased outreach and continuous improvement, The Office of University Relations endeavors to further UTEP’s capacity as an educational leader in today’s changing economic, technological and social environment.

University Relations Mission: The Office of University Relations provides the expertise and resources to create a culturally and educationally innovative environment through the efficient and strategic use of marketing, events, and conference logistics to promote UTEP’s learning, teaching, research, artistic endeavors, cultural experiences, and services.

Phone: (915) 747-8244