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David Lattin

With a thunderous dunk, 6 foot 6, 240-pound Lattin set the tone for the 1966 championship game. He scored 16 pounts and pulled down nine rebounds, living up to his two nicknames: "Big Daddy" and "Daddy D."

Lattin lives in Houston, Texas and is keeping busy with a number of business projects, including buying and selling homes. He recently published a book about his life, "Slam Dunk to Glory."  The book is available on his Web site,

Lattin says he stays in shape by riding about 100 miles a week on his Cannondale road bike.

David Lattin

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 David Lattin watch as Nevil Shed attacks the basket
David Lattin (No. 42) and Harry Flournoy watch as Nevil Shed attacks the basket during the semi-final game against Utah.

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