Office of Scholarships

Cost Comparison

Estimated Costs for Undergraduates

Tuition & Fees (may vary based on major) Living at Home Living On-campus
$5,769 $5,769 $8,419 $9,816
Room & Board (based on median housing rates)
$0 6,405 $7,832 $9,521
Garage Parking
$305 $305 $700 $743
Total: $6,074 $12,479 $16,951 $20,080

NOTE: the cost of books will vary depending on major and whether or not they are new/used.

Parents Association Information

The Parents Association aims to enhance communication between the University and the parents or guardians of all UTEP students. As well as provide a supporting role in the education of their children and provide a forum for networking with other parents. Join the Parents Association today and help ensure the success of your child’s education!

Alumni Association – Parents Association website
Parent Brochure (PDF)