Office of Scholarships

ApplyTexas Application Instructions

Note - there are 2 sections to this application be sure to SUBMIT both

Create an Account:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on ApplyTexas banner
  3. Click on “Create your account now”
  4. Save Profile and write down your username and password below
  5. Click on “You may now go to My Applications” followed by “Create a new application now” Admissions section:
  6. Select “Create a new 4 year University admissions application”
  7. Select your target university - The University of Texas at El Paso
  8. Select your type of application – Click CONTINUE
  9. Select Entry Semester – Fall 2014 – Click CONTINUE
  10. Select School (College) – Click CONTINUE
  11. Select Major – Click CONTINUE
  12. Supply all required information and save changes on each page - when done with the Admissions section - Click “Submit Application Now”
  13. Scholarship Section:
  14. After submitting the Admissions portion of the application, now you will click on “Apply for Scholarships”
  15. Continue to enter all information required and save your changes at the bottom of each page - when done with the Scholarships section -Click on “Submit Application Now”
  16. Write down your Application ID below for future reference
  17. Click on “go to my applications” at the bottom of the page to view your completed application for both Admissions and Scholarships
  18. Log Out properly when you are done!