Office of Scholarships

External/Outside Scholarships

If you have been awarded a scholarship from an outside resource, the Office of Scholarships will process these funds to pay your tuition and fees once the funds are received.
The organization may either send the funds to UTEP or to the student.  If the funds are sent to the student, please stop by the Office of Scholarships to submit the check for processing.
Once the funds are received, they will be posted to the student's account as instructed by the donor.  If instructions are not specified, the funds will be applied to both the Fall and Spring semesters.

IMPORTANT: If a student is awarded an outside scholarship and is also receiving financial aid, the federal government mandates that the Office of Scholarships adhere to the student's financial aid budget as this additional income must be reported.  The Office of Scholarships will advise the student of their options regarding the disbursement of their award(s) in regards to their budget.

Valedictorian Scholarship

The State of Texas offers a Valedictorian Scholarship to the highest ranked student of all accredited Texas high schools.  The scholarship covers tuition only, therefore, the amount awarded is dependent on the student's enrollment.The Valedictorian Scholarship applies during the first two regular semesters following high school graduation.  This scholarship must be used within two years of high school graduation, unless an exception has been approved by the institution's president.Student must provide the original Valedictorian Certificate issued by the Texas Education Agency, to the Office of Scholarships for processing.

Good Neighbor Scholarship

The State of Texas offers the Good Neighbor Scholarship for International Students from other nations of the Western Hemisphere (other than Cuba).  This scholarship covers tuition only, therefore, the amount is based upon the students enrollment.  Applications are available at the International Programs Office.  Please contact them at (915) 747-5664 or at for more information.

Scholarships for Graduate Students

Graduate scholarships are administered by the Graduate Scholarship Committee or by recommendation from your college/department.  The Graduate Scholarship Application will be available in January of each year. 

President's Staff Scholarship

These scholarships, which pay UTEP tuition and fees for up to six hours for one consecutive year (fall and spring semesters only), are offered in appreciation for the significant contributions that staff members make to the University's mission.