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May 19, 2006



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The UTEP Promise: Plan Covers All Tuition and Fees for Low-Income Students

-- Program among New Financial Plans, Awareness Campaign Announced Today --


The University of Texas at El Paso is launching three programs to help students finance their university education, including a program that covers all tuition and fees for students from low-income families.


Beginning in the fall 2006 semester, the UTEP Promise, the UTEP Success Plan and the Guaranteed Tuition Plan will help remove financial barriers for students at all income levels.


“Through these programs, we hope to encourage students who might think they can’t afford a university education to look to UTEP for solutions to their financial challenges,” University President Diana Natalicio said. “We hope that all students who plan to enroll in fall 2006 will contact the Office of Student Financial Aid as soon as possible to begin exploring the options available to them.”


The Office of Student Financial Aid can be reached at 914/747-5204, by e-mail at financialaid@utep.edu or online at www.utep.edu/financialaid


UTEP Promise

The UTEP Promise, which covers all tuition and fees and doesn’t require repayment, targets first-time freshmen with family incomes of $25,000 or less. Students with family incomes higher than $25,000 may also qualify depending on family size and other factors.


The UTEP Promise is made possible through a combination of financial aid resources, including state and federal aid programs as well as university funds.


First-time freshmen will automatically be considered for the program once they’ve been accepted to UTEP and have completed their Free Application for Federal Student Aid – FAFSA.


UTEP Success Plan

The UTEP Success Plan will help students from all income levels. Under the plan, the University will work with students to create a personalized financial package that may include federal, state and institutional funding.


After students complete the FAFSA, they will receive an award letter outlining the financial aid for which they qualify, including grants, loans, work-study and scholarships.


The Guaranteed Tuition Plan

The third plan aims to help students and their parents plan better financially for college, offering stability and predictability. The Guaranteed Tuition Plan, open to first-time freshmen beginning in fall 2006, locks in a tuition rate and mandatory fees for up to four years. Students entering the program this fall would pay $194 per semester credit hour over their four-year college career.


Start with the FAFSA

The three financial plans are part of a new university initiative to increase awareness about financial assistance available to help students pay for college. University officials say many students – and their parents – don’t apply for financial aid because they don’t think they will qualify.


In fact, 100 percent of UTEP students who apply for financial aid receive some form of financial assistance, which may include loans and work-study jobs. Sixty percent of those who qualify for aid receive some form of grant or scholarship that does not have to be repaid.


University officials say they encourage all students – no matter their family’s income –

to apply for federal aid at www.fafsa.ed.gov.  Students and their parents should also know that there is no cost to apply for financial aid.


“Whether you finance your education through scholarships, grants or loans, your education is an investment in yourself,” said Maggy Smith, dean of UTEP’s University College. “A college degree increases your earning potential in the future.”


UTEP offers an array of scholarships, grants, work-study programs, emergency loans, parental loans for dependent students, book loans, low-interest loans and installment plans. Call the Office of Student Financial Aid at 915/747-5204 or visit www.utep.edu/financialaid  for more information.


Students interested in attending UTEP for the fall 2006 semester should apply by July 1, 2006. Contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment at 915/747-5890 or go online to www.utep.edu/admit for information on applying, orientation and course registration.


The first day of classes for fall 2006 is Aug. 21.






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